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January 12th, 2013

12:14 am - OUT! [DN.05] Ikuma – Ikuma EP (2013, Disconinjaz)
Fresh hot music on Disconinjaz :)

Be prepared for some serious party-rocking: we are proud to welcome our long-awaited artist, Ikram Choudhury aka Ikuma from Singapore. In this 4-track EP he delivers an incredible mixture of uplifting gameboy beats and bleeps together with TB-303 acid house basslines. Gameboy party bliss!!!

Free download and more info: http://disconinjaz.net/dn-05.html

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June 6th, 2011

11:56 pm - CoS Audiography: An Interview with Jeremy Kolosine, part 1

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April 24th, 2011

04:37 pm - SWElectronica-2011 @ Squat Cafe
666.97 КБ

30 апреля в московском клубе Squat Cafe пройдет столичная часть Второго Фестиваля шведской электронной музыки SWElectronica. Другими российскими городами, встречающими фестиваль SWElectronica-2011 станут Санкт-Петербург и Петрозаводск.

В этом году Фестиваль познакомит российскую публику c музыкантами, представляющими шведскую 8бит-сцену. Хедлайнером Фестиваля станет один из самых плодовитых шведских чип-тюн музыкантов GOTO80, известный стилевым разнообразием своих композиций и непредсказуемостью живых выступлений. Помимо GOTO80, москвичи познакомятся с еще одним шведом - RANDOM, чьи треки издаются на ведущих чиптюн-лейблах и, в первую очередь, легендарном лейбле 8bitpeoples. Еще одним событием вечера станет выступление видеохудожницы Ракель Мейерс, работающей в технике пиксель-арт и сотрудничавшей с такими именами на 8бит-сцене, как Glomag, Bubblyfish и GOTO80.

Помимо шведских музыкантов, на концерте выступят и российские представители 8бит-сцены: KOLA KID, 777minus111, KOSMOPOP2, SNORK25, MACRON и FARNHEIM.

Адрес SQUAT CAFE: ул. Рождественка, 12/1 (или Варсонофевский пер., д.1), тел.: (495)625-6990




Вход: 400 / 300 с флаером

Начало: 19:00

Официальная группа вконтакте
Встреча вконтакте
Встреча в facebook

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April 15th, 2011

11:53 pm - Nintendo DSi camera Flipnotes


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February 15th, 2011

11:31 am - Seeking a maintainer(s)
 Hello! I'm the creator of this community, but I haven't really been a participant in a long time.

Now that LJ has created the classification of "owner" for communities, it prompted me to, once again, seek out interested parties that would like to take over maintenance duties of this community.

I'd like to see this community be active again, but not solely be about promoting releases of gameboy music. I'd especially like to see conversations about the tools that we/you use. I also think this community deserves a sweet userpic! Maybe something using/involving the gameboy camera, but don't feel limited by that suggestion.

Don't bother if you're just wanting to use this as a self-promotion tool. It's not a bad thing to want to share your music with people who are interested, but it would be bad if it drove people away.

If you're interested, either reply here, or send me a personal message. Once it makes sense, I'll make a decision and announce it here.

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August 12th, 2010

12:55 am - SLEEPER now available in full audio (WAV,FLAC,etc) D/l.
SLEEPER now available in full audio (WAV,FLAC,etc) D/l.

Receptors album SLEEPER on Handheld Heroes is 
now available in full audio (WAV,FLAC,etc) D/l format of your choice.

Get it as a FREE MP3 D/L

Or a 9 track FULL AUDIO D/L format of your choice:

or the FULL AUDIO CD with 10 tracks and alternate artwork by Videogramo:


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July 28th, 2010

01:57 pm - Receptors - SLEEPER .OUT NOW. FREE D/L & CD on HHH
Receptors - SLEEPER .OUT NOW. FREE D/L & CD on HHH

Receptors returns with Sleeper, more Nintendo DS/ Korg DS-10 adventures in sound. With artwork by Videogramo, Sleeper comes in an 8 track MP3 release, as well as a 10 track CD version with alternate cover art.


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June 29th, 2010

07:51 pm - OUT NOW! 8-Bit Operators AtariPeace T-Shirts!

8-Bit Operators AtariPeace T-Shirts!

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June 23rd, 2010

03:32 pm - Receptors ~ SLEEPER CD soon! Graphics by Francoise Gamma!

Receptors ~ SLEEPER CD on Handheld Heroes!

Full length Nintendo DS album coming soon.

Art by Francoise Gamma!

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June 11th, 2010

01:15 am - Receptors - neuropa ( Sleeper preview )
Receptors - neuropa ( Sleeper preview )

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