subVert (subvert) wrote in gameboymusic,

Seeking a maintainer(s)

 Hello! I'm the creator of this community, but I haven't really been a participant in a long time.

Now that LJ has created the classification of "owner" for communities, it prompted me to, once again, seek out interested parties that would like to take over maintenance duties of this community.

I'd like to see this community be active again, but not solely be about promoting releases of gameboy music. I'd especially like to see conversations about the tools that we/you use. I also think this community deserves a sweet userpic! Maybe something using/involving the gameboy camera, but don't feel limited by that suggestion.

Don't bother if you're just wanting to use this as a self-promotion tool. It's not a bad thing to want to share your music with people who are interested, but it would be bad if it drove people away.

If you're interested, either reply here, or send me a personal message. Once it makes sense, I'll make a decision and announce it here.
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