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Happy New Year! Receptors - USER Deluxe EP on 8bitpeoples! OUT NOW.

Receptors - USER Deluxe EP on 8bitpeoples! OUT NOW.

The USER tracks were perhaps the most focused of the "groKwork" Nintendo DS/ Korg DS-10 sessions recorded during the Fall of 2008.
Now, I am proud to have 8bitpeoples
present this fully extended and remastered edition - the
USER Deluxe EP with art by OTRO!

Get the FREE download now:


DN.04 is OUT!

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I am very happy to present new release on Disconinjaz net-label. As usually we believe in quality not quantity: from now on all releases will have lossless FLAC versions available and will pass additional analog tape saturation stage (in which i firmly believe). Previous releases will be remastered later on. Still this is a project, based on altruistic principles, thus any feedback, distribution help and artistic collaboration are always welcome. Enjoy the music!

[DN.04] Rico Zerone – Quick Freeze (2009)

New release of Disconinjaz net-label hailing from Barcelona, Spain / Moscow, Russia. Disconinjaz is dedicated to funky arcade dance music, video game music / electro / acid trax / chiptunes / chipstyle disco / etc.

Rico Zerone, our 16-bit agent from Vienna, Austria, presents three tracks somewhere between VGM electro-funk and arcade-disco complemented with an extended balearic remix by Owen Meyers and Dimitry Ghost. Lo-fi 80’s full on!

Design by The AndroidVision. Mastered by DiscoNinja.

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Rico Zerone is our 16-bit VGM-disco agent from Vienna, Austria. After discovering the Micromusic netlabel and other chiptune related communities, he decided to follow the evolution of electronic music. By ascending through the synthetic emanation of retro-futuristic structures like chip-funkin prototypes Spacesynth, Minneapolis Sound and Electronica throughout the 70’s and 80’s, he reconstructed a LoFi identity. Check out his previous releases on Kanalattacke and Select Start Records.

Owen Meyers is a Canadian electronic music artist living in Barcelona, Spain. During his previous years in Montreal, Canada and Boston, USA, he has been involved with the three-piece laptop ensemble hiQloKey, performing live improvised electronic music, and the COLLISION collective, an experimental art show exhibiting invented new technologies and art forms. Currently, he is an active member in both the improvisation rave group Barcelona Bakalao and the tech-house project Circuit Flow & The Bird.

Dimitry Ghost is the head of Disconinjaz label, dj, musician and promoter from Moscow, Russia. He started as a net-audio deep-tech house dj, taking part in the famous Moscow internet radio Deepmix in 2004-2005. In april 2005 Dmitry and his friends founded Chipcult, the first russian community devoted to chiptunes and micromusic – starting a modern scene in Russia and organizing parties between Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. Since that time he has played a unique mixture of danceble 8bit chiptunes, micromusic, electropop, keygen music, video game music and disco. Dmitry’s mixes became a catchy password in the world of chipstyle music for a lot of people. In 2006 he lunched Disconinjaz net-label. In 2007 he moved to Barcelona and started expanding his projects on international ground supporting the local indie electronic scene. Dmitry’s current projects include dj performances in his unique style around the city, managing the label, participation in Barcelona Bakalao improvisation rave music group and his own avantgarde-minimalist production as Lonely Night Flighter.

Check out previous releases by Vincenzo (Hungary), Bottlesmoker (Indonesia) and Penny and Ashtray (Japan):

[DN.03] Vincenzo – Chip Drops

[DN.02] Bottlesmoker – Walls / Messanger Day

[DN.01] Penny and Ashtray – Bonus Stage

K-ON! school uniforms

The People's Fund To Support Blip Festival 2009

I'm in no way affiliated with Blip Festival (other than being a supporter) but I thought this would be a good place to post this. Let me also point out that (among other prizes for donations of different levels) for a limited time, a donation of $100 or more will get you a pass to a post-show event on friday night where RANDOM AND COVOX WILL BE COLLABORATING AS -CONDOM-. That's some incentive right thurr!

(Also, i think i've seen Bit Shifter post here before, so if he or any other person associated with Blip Festival would like to make a spiffier entry for this, I'll remove this one).

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Pixel lovers, arcade maniacs, lo-fi graffiti artists, give us a note!

Disconinjaz is a net-label hailing from Barcelona, Spain / Moscow, Russia. Disconinjaz is dedicated to funky arcade dance music, video game music / electro / acid trax / chiptunes / chipstyle disco / etc.